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We want to ensure our residential building professionals and community members are able to do what they do—live and work productively.


Affordable Housing Council

The AHC is a political action committee that works with MBAKS to help make a positive political environment for the homebuilding industry in the Puget Sound region.

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Elections are a golden opportunity to elect housing-friendly candidates. 每一票都很重要, and your vote for AHC-endorsed candidates could make the difference in critical races.

AHC endorsement lists are updated regularly, so be sure to check back before election day.

  • 2023 General Election 代言

    Posted on Oct 18, 2023 in:
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    Each election cycle, our Affordable Housing Council (AHC) interviews candidates at the city, 县, and state levels to determine their degree of support for our industry. The following candidates have received an AHC endorsement for the 2023 election cycle.

参观 or Snohomish County election pages to learn everything you need to know about voting, including important dates and where to turn in your ballot. And don't forget to register to vote or re-register if you moved or changed names after the last election in which you voted!



Support the AHC's work by joining the 锤俱乐部. Members of the 锤俱乐部 are invited to exclusive events throughout the year, are included in AHC membership communications, qualify for the AHC Board of Directors elections, may participate in AHC candidate interviews, and are recognized at MBAKS事件 而在 Master Builder magazine.

Contributions help us promote candidates for public office who support and work towards affordable housing. The AHC has a long history of success in making sure your voice is heard, from our state capital to city hall. Decisions made by our elected officials directly affect your business. By becoming an active donor, you can help shape the future of housing and our community.

锤俱乐部 membership includes the following levels of annual support:

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The AHC Endorsement Process

The AHC is composed of 21 MBAKS members who contribute to the AHC and are nominated and elected to the AHC board by members. AHC directors are ultimately responsible for voting on all funding decisions. AHC directors work with MBAKS staff to vet 而在terview candidates for local and state elected offices. Pursuant to its bylaws, the AHC only endorses and provides financial support for candidates who will be strong advocates on housing issues that are important to MBAKS members. Prior to making decisions on endorsements and contributions, the AHC may ask candidates to answer a questionnaire on a variety of housing issues; the AHC also interviews the candidates.


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